Schmidt Associates

Schmidt Associates is excited to be working with West Lafayette School Community School Corporation because of their commitment to deliver the highest levels of educational opportunities to their students and the members of the community that they serve. This pushes the boundaries of the development of physical environments that support and nurture creative and expressive learning environments and we are challenged, along with our partnering frim, KJG, to look beyond what has been to collaboratively explore what could be.

The unique challenges that we are encountering with the West Lafayette School community are the diversity of program offerings and the high level of commitment and sophistication of the staff and students. Careful planning of the learning environments is critical to obtain the best utilization of space throughout the grade levels.


As a team, we continue to assess the phasing and implementation of the construction activities to minimize the disruption of the school day.  One of the significant drivers in the decision to build on the Burtsfield site was the opportunity to perform all of the construction without any disruption of the existing Happy Hollow! Although the projects will provide desperately needed teaching and learning space at all of the facilities, the additional benefits will included dramatically improved heating and air conditioning systems that will be more energy efficient, as well as providing improved indoor air quality.  Another benefit will be improved safety of the site circulation with clear separation of buses and cars at both of the elementary sites, and improved student circulation and flow at all of the buildings.